Women of the Green Industry to Host Two Meetings in June and July

Expert Beth Berry to Headline Virtual Meeting

The Women of the Green Industry organization is set to host two meetings in the coming months. The first meeting is scheduled for June and will be held virtually. The virtual event will feature a spotlight on Beth Berry, the Vice President of Sales for Advanced Turf Solutions. Berry is an expert in her field and is expected to speak about a variety of topics related to the green industry.

Second Meeting to Take Place at Purdue University

The second Women of the Green Industry meeting is scheduled to take place in July at Purdue University. This meeting will be held in-person, providing an opportunity for members of the organization to meet face-to-face and network with one another.

In Conclusion

Women of the Green Industry is hosting two upcoming meetings that provide opportunities for education, networking, and growth within the industry. The first virtual meeting featuring Beth Berry and the second in-person meeting at Purdue University are both expected to be informative and valuable experiences.