Two Makita Battery-Powered OPE Systems Receive AGZA Field Tested Certification

Key Points:

– Makita, a leading manufacturer of power tools, has announced that two of their battery-powered outdoor power equipment (OPE) systems, the XGT® and ConnectX™, have been awarded the AGZA Field Tested Certification (AFTC).
– The AGZA Field Tested Certification is a prestigious recognition granted by the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) to equipment that meets their rigorous standards for noise and emission reduction.
– The Makita XGT® OPE System includes a range of battery-powered tools such as blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers, designed for commercial use.
– The ConnectX™ OPE System is a network-based platform that enables remote monitoring and control of Makita battery-powered tools, providing enhanced efficiency and productivity.
– Both systems have undergone extensive testing and evaluation by AGZA experts in real-world scenarios, including noise emissions, run time, power output, and durability.
– The AFTC certification assures customers that the Makita XGT® and ConnectX™ OPE Systems have been evaluated and proven to meet the highest standards of performance and environmental sustainability.
– These certifications are important for local business owners in the landscaping and gardening industry, as they provide peace of mind to the customers and demonstrate the commitment to eco-friendly practices.
– Makita continues to invest in research and development to improve their battery-powered OPE systems, aiming to provide professionals with efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly tools.

In Conclusion:

Makita’s XGT® and ConnectX™ battery-powered OPE systems have achieved the AGZA Field Tested Certification, confirming their high performance and sustainable qualities. Local business owners in the landscaping industry can rely on these certified tools to provide their customers with a eco-friendly and efficient service. Makita’s commitment to innovative, battery-powered tools showcases their dedication to meeting the needs of professionals while reducing noise and emissions.