Tips for Detering Wild Turkey Damage

Key Points:

• Wild turkeys can cause damage to landscaped properties.
• The scratching of the ground can destroy lawns and gardens.
• Feeding turkeys can lead to increased population and damage.
• Deterrents such as scare tactics and exclusionary measures can help prevent damage.
• Planting less attractive foliage and using fences can discourage turkeys from entering the property.
• Repellents and other deterrent products can also be effective.

In Conclusion:

Wild turkeys can cause significant damage to landscaped properties, but there are several effective deterrent methods to prevent such damage. Scare tactics, exclusionary measures, planting less attractive foliage, using fences, and using repellents can all help discourage turkeys from entering and damaging your property. By employing these strategies, local business owners can protect their landscapes and maintain a visually appealing environment for their clients and customers.