Spring Lawn Care Tips for Green-Up Success

Here are some key points from Sod Solutions on how to care for your lawn during the spring season:

Adjusting Mowing Heights

During the spring, adjusting your mower height to the right level can promote a healthy lawn by allowing grass to grow lush and thick, crowding out weeds.

Choosing the Right Fertilizers

Selecting the appropriate fertilizers for your lawn in the spring is essential to provide the necessary nutrients for a vibrant and green lawn.

Proper Irrigation Practices

Watering your lawn correctly in the spring involves deep watering to encourage strong root growth and reduce water consumption.

Using Fungicides Preventatively

Consider applying fungicides preventatively in the spring to protect your lawn from diseases and ensure a healthy growing season.

In Conclusion

By following these spring lawn care tips from Sod Solutions, including adjusting mowing heights, using the right fertilizers, proper irrigation practices, and utilizing fungicides when needed, you can achieve a lush, green lawn that thrives throughout the season.