New Varieties of Poinsettia: A Visual Delight!

Key Points:

– Poinsettias have evolved over the years, and new varieties offer a stunning array of colors and patterns.
– Breeders have introduced poinsettias with unique features such as speckled and variegated foliage.
– The Ecke and Syngenta breeding programs have released several eye-catching poinsettia cultivars.
– Some noteworthy varieties include ‘Ice Punch’, ‘Jingle Bells’, and ‘Harvest Moon’, each with their distinct characteristics.
– Poinsettias can now be found in various shades of pink, yellow, orange, white, and even purple.
– Joel Robert Poinsett, a 19th-century ambassador to Mexico, is credited with bringing poinsettias to the United States.
– Poinsettias are native to Central America, specifically Mexico, where they grow wild in warm, tropical regions.

In Conclusion:

Discover the beauty of modern poinsettias with their vibrant colors and unique foliage. With new and improved varieties, poinsettias have become even more visually captivating. From speckled leaves to a wide range of colors, these plants are sure to make a statement during the holiday season. Learn about the history of poinsettias and their connection to Joel Robert Poinsett, who introduced them to the United States. Explore the natural habitat of these stunning plants in the warm, tropical regions of Central America.