– Messy Lawns of Milwaukee, WI, has been awarded a $15,000 Jobber Grant.
– The owner, Mykaell Bratchett, plans to use the funds to help with advertising, hiring new employees, and expanding the shop space.
– The Jobber Grant aims to support local businesses and help them grow.
– Messy Lawns is a local lawn care business that offers various services, including mowing, landscaping, and maintenance.
– The grant will provide Messy Lawns with opportunities to increase their visibility and reach more customers in the community.
– With the additional funds, the business can invest in marketing initiatives, such as online advertising and promotional materials.
– Hiring new employees will enable Messy Lawns to handle a larger workload and provide better service to its clients.
– Expanding the shop space will allow for the storage of equipment and supplies, as well as the potential for future growth.
– The Jobber Grant will have a positive impact on Messy Lawns’ ability to compete in the local market and establish themselves as a leading lawn care service provider.

In Conclusion:

Messy Lawns of Milwaukee, WI, has received a $15,000 Jobber Grant to help with advertising, hiring, and expanding their shop space. This grant will enable the business to reach more customers and increase their market presence. By investing in marketing initiatives, hiring new employees, and expanding their shop space, Messy Lawns is positioning itself for growth and success in the local lawn care industry.