Looking for a Landscaper Barbie? The John Deere Barbie or Builder Barbie come pretty close!

Are you in search of a Landscaper Barbie doll for your collection? While there isn’t a specific Landscaper Barbie available, there are a couple of options that might come pretty close to what you’re looking for. The John Deere Barbie and the Builder Barbie are two dolls that are worth considering.

John Deere Barbie

The John Deere Barbie is a collaboration between Mattel and the John Deere brand. This doll is dressed in a stylish outfit that resembles a landscaping uniform, complete with a green and yellow color scheme. With her iconic John Deere trucker hat and denim jeans, she looks ready to take on any outdoor project. The doll also comes with gardening tools, a John Deere mower, and a small garden plot. This doll is a great choice if you’re looking for a doll with a landscaping theme.

Builder Barbie

If you’re looking for a doll that not only handles landscaping but other construction projects as well, the Builder Barbie might be the perfect choice. This doll is part of the Barbie Career collection and is dressed in a rugged work outfit with a hard hat. She comes with various construction tools, including a hammer, a tool belt, and a set of blueprints. This doll is an excellent option for those looking to showcase a versatile business owner who can handle different projects.

In Conclusion

While there isn’t a specific Landscaper Barbie available, the John Deere Barbie and the Builder Barbie are two excellent alternatives. They both represent strong, independent women who excel in their chosen fields. Whether you prefer the landscaping theme of the John Deere Barbie or the versatility of the Builder Barbie, these dolls would be a great addition to any collection.