Landscaping Projects from Mariani Premier Group Win 21 Awards of Excellence

Landscaping projects from nine companies under the Mariani Premier Group have been honored with 21 Awards of Excellence from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). These awards recognize outstanding work and innovation in the landscaping industry. Here are a few highlights of the winning projects:

1. XYZ Gardens:

XYZ Gardens, a Mariani Premier Group company, received recognition for its stunning architectural landscaping design in a residential property. The project incorporated elements such as custom hardscaping, native plants, and water features to create a harmonious outdoor living space.

2. ABC Estates:

ABC Estates, another company within the Mariani Premier Group, was acknowledged for its meticulously maintained commercial property. The project showcased expertly manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and well-planned walkways that enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

3. DEF Parks and Recreation:

The DEF Parks and Recreation project received an award for its dedication to sustainable landscaping practices. Mariani Premier Group implemented eco-friendly techniques, including native plant species, efficient irrigation systems, and organic pest control methods, to create a beautiful and environmentally-friendly outdoor space.

4. GHI Golf Course:

GHI Golf Course, a Mariani Premier Group company, was recognized for its exceptional golf course maintenance. The project showcased well-groomed fairways, neatly trimmed greens, and strategically placed landscaping elements that added both beauty and functionality to the course.

In Conclusion

The Mariani Premier Group’s landscaping projects have earned 21 Awards of Excellence from the National Association of Landscape Professionals. These accolades highlight the exceptional work done by the company’s nine subsidiaries in creating beautiful and innovative outdoor spaces. From residential properties to commercial estates, parks, and golf courses, the Mariani Premier Group has proven its expertise and commitment to excellence in the landscaping industry.