Landscape Forms Expands Commitment to Sustainability

SITES® Community Partnership

Landscape Forms has joined the SITES® Community Partnership as part of its commitment to sustainability. SITES® is a widely recognized program that promotes sustainable land development and management practices. Through this partnership, Landscape Forms will collaborate with other SITES® partners to advance sustainable design and development principles.

Embodied Carbon Life Cycle Analysis Initiative

Landscape Forms is also launching an embodied carbon Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) initiative. This initiative aims to assess the carbon footprint of the company’s products throughout their lifecycle, from manufacturing to disposal. By understanding the embodied carbon of their products, Landscape Forms can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to reduce their environmental impact.

In Conclusion

Landscape Forms is taking significant steps towards sustainability by becoming a SITES® Community Partner and introducing an embodied carbon Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) initiative. These initiatives highlight the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable design and development practices and reducing their environmental impact. By joining the SITES® Community Partnership and conducting an embodied carbon LCA, Landscape Forms is setting an example for other businesses in the industry to follow.