Kubota and Crayola Partner to Bring “Raceway Makeover” Experience to Kids


Kubota and Crayola have once again partnered to bring children the “Raceway Makeover by Kubota” experience. This program allows children to use their creativity to design their own racetrack using Crayola products, which is then brought to life using mini excavators and skid steer loaders. The program aims to inspire children to explore the world of construction and to foster their creativity.

Partnership and Future Plans

This partnership is set to continue through 2023 and will feature events and promotions designed to keep children engaged and excited about building and creating. Kubota and Crayola are excited to continue empowering the next generation of builders and creators through this program.

In Conclusion

Kubota and Crayola have teamed up once again to provide children with a fun and educational experience. The “Raceway Makeover” program encourages creativity and exploration of the construction world, providing children with a new perspective on building and creating. The future events and promotions of this partnership are sure to keep children engaged and excited about the opportunities that await them in the world of construction.