Introducing the Wireless Valve Link: a Time-Saving Solution for Contractors

When it comes to installation or retrofit projects, running wire from the controller to field valves can be a tedious and costly process. However, Hunter Industries has introduced a game-changing solution with their Wireless Valve Link. This innovative product utilizes LoRa® Wireless Radio Technology, allowing contractors to easily connect valves without the need for additional wires or the hassle of cutting into hardscapes.

Streamlining the Installation Process

The Wireless Valve Link simplifies the installation process by eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming wire runs. Contractors can now save valuable time and labor by connecting valves wirelessly, reducing the overall project timeline and costs. This technology is particularly beneficial for hardscape or design-build projects, where cutting into existing structures can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

The Power of LoRa® Wireless Radio Technology

One of the key features of the Wireless Valve Link is its utilization of LoRa® Wireless Radio Technology. This technology allows for a long-range and low-power wireless communication, ensuring a reliable and efficient connection between the controller and the valves. With the ability to transmit over extended distances, contractors can now connect valves located far away from the controller without any signal loss.

Simple and Flexible Installation

The Wireless Valve Link is designed for easy and flexible installation. Contractors can simply attach the Valve Link module to the controller and install the Valve Link receivers at the desired valve locations. The module and receivers communicate wirelessly, allowing for a seamless connection without the need for any additional wiring or trenching.

Cost Savings and Enhanced Efficiency

By eliminating the need for wire runs and cutting into hardscape, the Wireless Valve Link offers significant cost savings and enhanced efficiency for contractors. The streamlined installation process not only saves time and labor but also reduces material costs. With the ability to connect valves wirelessly, contractors can now take on projects more efficiently and effectively, delivering superior results to their clients.

In conclusion,

The Wireless Valve Link from Hunter Industries is a game-changing solution for contractors in the installation or retrofit projects. With its use of LoRa® Wireless Radio Technology, this innovative product enables wireless connections between the controller and field valves, eliminating the need for additional wires and cutting into hardscapes. This not only saves valuable time and labor but also offers cost savings and enhanced efficiency for contractors, making it an invaluable tool for any hardscape or design-build project.