Announcing the New Frontier™ SB12F Series Front-Mount Snowblower

Key Points:

– John Deere has introduced the Frontier™ SB12F Series Front-Mount Snowblower for compact utility tractors.
– The new snowblower is designed to efficiently clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other smaller areas.
– It offers a 51-inch working width and a clear-cutting height of up to 21 inches.
– The SB12F Series comes with a quick-hitch mounting system for easy attachment to compatible compact utility tractors.
– The snowblower features adjustable skid shoes, a replaceable wear edge, and a hydraulic chute rotation and deflector control for precise snow throwing.
– It offers durability and reliability, with a heavy-duty gearbox, four-blade fan, and serrated auger for efficient snow removal.
– The Frontier™ SB12F Series Front-Mount Snowblower is backed by John Deere’s industry-leading warranty.

In Conclusion:

John Deere has expanded its product lineup with the introduction of the Frontier™ SB12F Series Front-Mount Snowblower. This snowblower is specifically designed for compact utility tractors, making it an ideal choice for local business owners who need to clear snow from smaller areas like driveways and sidewalks. With its adjustable skid shoes, quick-hitch mounting system, and hydraulic chute control, the SB12F Series offers ease of use and precise snow throwing. With durability and reliability features like a heavy-duty gearbox and serrated auger, this snowblower is built to withstand tough winter conditions. John Deere’s industry-leading warranty adds to the appeal of this new snow removal equipment.