The landscape management software company, Landscape Management Network (LMN), has launched a new app called LMN Crew. The app was designed to help landscaping teams complete jobs efficiently and accurately. LMN Crew was developed with the input of landscapers across North America and tested extensively in real-world scenarios. The app offers features such as time tracking, job costing, and communication tools to streamline operations and improve productivity for landscape businesses.

In Conclusion:

LMN Crew is a new app developed by Landscape Management Network that aims to help landscaping teams improve efficiency and accuracy in their daily tasks. The app offers a range of features including time tracking, job costing, and communication tools, which can help streamline operations for landscape businesses. With input from landscapers across North America, LMN Crew has been refined to meet the specific needs of the industry. By utilizing this app, landscape businesses can enhance productivity and ensure successful completion of projects.