Identifying and Controlling Wildlife Damage to Landscapes

Common Pests:

Identifying Wildlife Damage:

Look for the following signs to identify wildlife damage in your landscape:

Controlling Wildlife Damage:

1. Feral Hogs:

– Erecting fences: Install sturdy fences around your property to keep feral hogs out.

– Trapping: Use specialized hog traps to capture and remove feral hogs from your area.

– Scare tactics: Utilize noise, lights, or other scare devices to deter feral hogs from entering your premises.

2. Armadillos:

– Exclusion barriers: Install strong barriers, such as fences or low-lying walls, to prevent armadillos from accessing your landscape.

– Trapping: Use live traps to catch armadillos and relocate them to a more suitable habitat.

– Natural repellents: Apply repellents with strong odors, like castor oil, to deter armadillos from causing damage.

3. Moles:

– Physical barriers: Install underground fences or mesh to prevent moles from burrowing into your lawn.

– Trapping: Use mole traps to catch and remove moles from your property.

– Lawn maintenance: Keep your lawn well-maintained to discourage moles from staying.

In Conclusion:

Identifying and controlling wildlife damage to landscapes is crucial for local business owners. By implementing effective strategies such as erecting fences, trapping pests, and utilizing scare tactics or natural repellents, feral hogs, armadillos, and moles can be managed effectively. Regular lawn maintenance and installing physical barriers also play an important role in minimizing damage. By taking proactive measures, business owners can protect their landscapes and maintain their business’s visual appeal and functionality.