Summary of Landscape Forms 2023 Award-Winning Collections

Key Points:

– The Theory collection from Landscape Forms, designed by Andrew Jones, wins the 2023 Red Dot Award for its innovative and modern outdoor furniture designs.
– Backdrop, another collection from Landscape Forms, also wins a Red Dot Award in 2023 for its unique and versatile designs.
– The Typology collection by Landscape Forms wins the 2023 Interior Design Best of Year Award for its exceptional design and functionality.
– Landscape Forms is a leading manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture and site furnishings for public spaces.
– The company’s commitment to design excellence and innovation is evident in the recognition received by these award-winning collections.

In Conclusion:

Landscape Forms continues to impress with their award-winning collections such as Theory, Backdrop, and Typology, showcasing their dedication to innovative design and high-quality outdoor furniture. The multiple awards earned in 2023 highlight the company’s commitment to excellence and creativity in creating versatile and modern collections for public spaces.