Arborjet | Ecologel Team Member Joins Project EverGreen Board

Arborjet | Ecologel, a company specializing in tree and plant health care solutions, is pleased to announce that Sarah Spatola, the Director of Product Marketing, has been appointed as a new board member for Project EverGreen. This organization is committed to preserving and revitalizing green spaces, aiming to bring communities together to create a positive impact on yards, parks, and neighborhoods.

The Mission of Project EverGreen

Project EverGreen is a non-profit organization that strives to create a greener, healthier, cooler Earth. Their mission is centered on four main pillars:

The Role of Sarah Spatola on the Board

Sarah Spatola’s appointment to the board of Project EverGreen will allow her to contribute her expertise in the industry to help advance the organization’s mission. With her background in product marketing, she will help raise awareness about the importance of maintaining and preserving green spaces. Spatola’s extensive knowledge in tree and plant health care solutions will be valuable in developing strategies for enhancing the quality of these spaces.

Arborjet | Ecologel’s Commitment to Sustainability

Arborjet | Ecologel is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly solutions for tree and plant health care. By joining forces with Project EverGreen, the company aligns itself with an organization that shares a similar vision of promoting sustainability and preserving green spaces. Through this partnership, Arborjet | Ecologel aims to make a positive impact on communities and contribute to a greener planet.

In Conclusion

Sarah Spatola, the Director of Product Marketing at Arborjet | Ecologel, has been appointed as a board member for Project EverGreen, a non-profit organization focused on preserving and revitalizing green spaces. Spatola’s expertise in the industry and her commitment to sustainability will contribute to advancing the organization’s mission. This partnership between Arborjet | Ecologel and Project EverGreen highlights both companies’ dedication to creating a greener and healthier environment for communities.